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Innovative biopharmaceutical company, Fab'entech has been specialising for already 5 years in the treatment of emergent infectious diseases.

The rapid emergence of viral diseases such as avian influenza and hemorrhagic fever is creating new pandemic risks. The development of emergency therapies to help infected patients get through the critical stage and help reduce the spread of infection are urgently needed.

To address these public health threats, Fab’entech has developed anti-infective passive immunotherapy solutions, which are based on highly purified specific polyclonal antibodies. Once administered to patients, antibodies specifically and immediately neutralize circulating viruses and hamper the development of the disease.

To date, Fab'entech has already developed a first treatment against avian influenza H5N1 virus.
In the present context, Fab’entech is evaluating with international health authorities and other partners the potential development of a treatment against Ebola virus.


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